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PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure  -4PCS TLJ
  • PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure  -4PCS TLJ
  • PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure  -4PCS TLJ
  • PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure  -4PCS TLJ
  • PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure  -4PCS TLJ
  • PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure  -4PCS TLJ

PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure -4PCS TLJ

Score : 5.0 ( 4 Customer Reviews )
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  • 360° Rotating Spinner Tail Baits: The soft, pliable tail rotates on the harness and creates alluring rumbles to entice those hidden fish to take a bite. the perfect tail size and angle of the Spinner Bait to make a rhythmic sound that simply drives fish crazy. This tail is made of super pliable plastic that flexes right back into place whether it gets chomped on or gets cast on a rock.
  • Excellent Lures body: the lure is finished with 3D living eyes and an ultra-realistic paint job. Laser Lifelike fish scale with brilliant colors that reflect light to attract the fishes. Built-in small metal piece keep the lures in balanced and get a decent casting distance. It is the best whopper fishing lures for walleye pike musky fish plopper.
  • HIGH QUALITY HOOK: 2 super-sharp hooks, excellent puncture ability, And the head adopts a double loop design. especially important for scholing striper and other monster bass, Fish don’t simply hit the rotating tail fishing lure, They attack it.
  • Covering Water Effortlessly: you speed it up so it throws water like a swamp buggy with the same deep, hollow fish-catching sound as the original, the lure gets bit. It still casts a mile, and its ability to work at the widest possible range of speeds and catch some of those fish others might be missing, makes it a great tool for honing in on the most productive speeds and rhythms for that particular day.
  • APPLICATION: Whopper plopper fishing lure have a extra weight on the belly, makes it do a farther casting distance effortless. Suitable for freshwater and seawater, powerful fishing tools for fishing enthusiasts, and great gift for fisherman.
  • WARNING´╝ÜThis product may contains a chemical know to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Product Description


The Whopper Popper is a lure designed for seabass, pike,aspius, yellow perch and black bass.

It operates at speeds from crawl so super slow you can’t hear the tail, only the tiny weight that sizzle inside as the head shakes back and forth with each rotation of the tail.

Speed it up and it throws water like a swamp buggy and has the same deep, hollow, whopper-plopping-fish-catching sound of the original!

It casts a mile so it’s great for combing large flats or expanses ,tuning in the most productive speeds and rhythm of the particular day, a particular fish that might be following or one that’s just watching other top water lures go by.



Product Reviews
PLUSINNO Whopper plopper fishing lure -4PCS TLJ
5.0 , 4 customer reviews.
  by Adam Adkins ,03-21-2021
Ive been bass fishing for 10 years and ive fished with top of the line gear im telling you these products are just as good or better then name brand stuff at a price that is unmatched im very satisfied with the products i have used from Plusinno will definitely recommend and i will
  by Manolorossi ,11-27-2020
Wouldn't you know, I go fishing and forget my camera. I took these out on the lake with the water cold from storms we've been having. Even so, I was able to catch some decent size Bass. The way they move through the water seemed to drive them into biting when normally they would not.
  by rickrowe ,11-27-2020
I haven't gotten to try these lures much yet, the weather was not animating fish to look for topwater prey. Cold fronts galore... However, they did induce 4 bites ( none landed....) when nothing else got any hits. That makes me somewhat optimistic that they'll have better success when the weather's a little less crazy.
  by Brown ,10-14-2020
Great lures for the money, look very realistic and the first day I went out with them I caught a huge bass. Very satisfied for the money and quality of the lures
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